The future isn't digital

The future isn't digital, the future is hybrid - humans are the greatest asset

A growing number of companies are putting technology on a pedestal and are focusing on the "construction materials" rather than the problems they are trying to solve. Digital disruption wasn't caused by tech, it was the effect of unhappy customers needing a solution to their problems. Have organisations forgotten why they are in business? Is the premise, to sell products and monetise clients, a thing of the past?

AI and machine learning is changing just about every part of the corporate world, but are we thinking about it wrong and are we missing the obvious change we need to make to be successful in the future

Are we wrong about AI?

Learn how a social enterprise journey in the Sumatran jungle with the Orangutans lead to defining the innovation strategy of the worlds best bank.

Jungle innovation

Innovation isn't about apps or technology, its about the fundamental shift our your entire staff base to empower them with the tools of innovation, learn how companies can becomes engines of innovation

Engines of innovation

The art of influencing people have been around for thousands of years: we’ve all heard of charismatic leaders and charming individuals who can win over hearts with a few words and a smile. In this session, Neal Cross shares the art of becoming a master of human influence that can be used in sales, talent acquisitions, leadership and forming partnerships.  

Art and Science of Influence


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